Improve ROI with Flash video chat plugin for websites

videoAfter VoIP was introduced, it was a totally new concept for everyone who changed the whole face of communication forever. From then on, there was no looking back. The concept of video calling brought people, even more, closer. No matter how much the distance you could always talk to anyone, anywhere and that too instantly. Many websites, now offer video chatting options through flash plugins. Recently Gmail has joined this field of video chatting as well.

When a website is built, the goal is to generate traffic and to make the visitors stick around longer than they intended. Also the goal is to make the old ones come back again because of the flawless services they are experienced. This would require adding features to the website that would interest any user. What better option for this than to enable video chat on a website.

Video chats are not only trending but they also help to keep a visitor use the website for longer periods of time. To enable video chats, the website would have to add plugins to its website code. Plugins are extensions of a software that are uploaded to provide custom services to its customers. Currently, there are two main kinds of plugins available. HTML5 and flash. Flash is most commonly used while HTML5 is making its place too but still in its initial stage. At present it is not possible to make full fledged one to all group video chat in HTML5 alone.

Benefits of flash plugin

  • Flash plugins do not affect the other elements in HTML design.
  • Flash is pre-installed in majority of browsers like IE,Chrome so there is nothing required to be installed for making video chat work.
  • Flash is less resource hungry , so it consumes less processing power
  • Flash gives better stability when running inside browser
  • Further more using flash programming, video chat can be customized as per need. Size, color, font, background, emojis, smileys and positions can be changed a little to suit everyone’s personal taste.

Video conference is an option too. A large number of people in different parts of the world can come together for a session of video chat. The ease of using video chat makes it a hit amongst everyone and attracts new visitors. A user engaged in video chat would be using a website for a long time. If his experience is good, he will stick to this site as a reliable site for video chat. The more a site is visited and the longer the visitors stick around it, the more the revenue the site generates. The goal is to keep the visitor engaged for long enough that the initial investment can be recovered successfully and profits can be generated.





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