A Glance at Video chat features

Our flash video chat software comes with variety of features out of the box. You can video chat with multiple users simultaneously. Our application comes with a user friendly and easy to use user interface. Users can choose flash chat backgrounds/skins as per their choice. .

Chat With Number of Users

  • Video chat with multiple users at same time.
  • See who all are viewing your video.
  • Block/ignore users.

Change Text Settings

  • Advanced Text options for chat.
  • Select fonts and their sizes.
  • Set bold/italic/underline/font color.

Choose webcam

  • Select webcam device.
  • Select correct audio/mic device.
  • Refresh list of devices.

Add frames to your screen

  • Add video frames to enhance webcam.
  • Choose animated or still frames.
  • Give new look to your webcam using frames.

Userlists & Rooms

  • Navigate easily between rooms and userlist.
  • Fast Switching between rooms.
  • Room owners can kick/ban users.

Various Smileys

  • Add emotions with your messages.
  • Fresh Animated emotions designed for chat.
  • Easy to remember shortcut keys.

Send Predefined Messages

  • Easy to send saved messages.
  • Add/Delete messages to message list.
  • Double click to send a message from list.

Also add Masks & Animations

  • Add Video mask to your webcam.
  • Overlay animations on your webcam.
  • Apply frames to decorate your webcam.